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What are lead times on a pergola? 
All pergolas are scheduled for delivery within 21 days of order. Lead times for custom pergola orders will vary on an individual basis. 

Do I need to finish my pergola? 

No, but if you do, any readily available commercial exterior stain whether transparent, semi-transparent or solid will do. Left untreated your pergola will turn a silvery grey.

How do I secure my pergola? 
Securing the posts of the pergola is pretty straight forward and there are readily available post bases especially made for 6"x 6" sold at lumberyards and online. See our installation instructions for more information. 

Our pergola has developed cracks on some of the timbers. Is this normal?
This is perfectly normal and actually very common. When wood dries out, it undergoes physical changes. The grain separates, and this is called “checking”. Many people worry that this will affect the structural integrity of the pergola. It won't. Just like knots, color variations, and other “imperfections” wood is an organic natural product and all of these properties add to our pergolas the character and beauty that is real wood.

How many people will I need to assemble my pergola? 
2-3 depending on size. Our pergolas come with easy to follow instructions, smaller pergolas can be assembled by two people but larger ones will probably require an additional person unless you’re the hulk, in which case you could do it yourself. Check out our easy assembly video and installation instructions for more information.

Do you offer installation?

We do. If you don't feel comfortable or don't have time we can schedule to install your pergola for an additional charge. Please refer to our terms for additional information.

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